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Dal Mill Machine | India | Pulses Processing Machinery & Business

About Dal Mill

Dal mill machine or pulses processing machine plays very important role in farmers life.
Features of mini-pulse can be processed 125 kg per day. Pulse transplantation is 75 percent. This mini dal is very useful for making tur, moong, uradi and gram dal.

Why Dal mill machine is required in the market

Traditionally dal used to be processed at home which includes beating of grains for dehusking by pestle, after blending with little amount of water and drying in the sun for a couple of hours. This technique of dehusking is suited for pulses processing up to 5 kg of pulses. The process yields dal with low quality due to breakage of dal grains. Since the production of pulses in the rural level is very high, the farmers sells the produced dal at a lower price and purchases ready-made pulses on higher price. Only 10-15 percent pulses of pulses required in rural areas are prepared from the village. In this method, the yield of pulse does not exceed 58%. Considering this, the mini dal mill is beneficial.

Importance of Mini Dal Mill Machine

dal mill machine | Automatic pulses processing machinery
At village level, traditionally villagers uses wooden or stone dal machines called chakki to dehusk the dal grains which is comparatively better option than the above mentioned method. But the technique is more of similar and it is time consuming as the duration of processing depends upon the variety of pulses to be milled.
Hence the mini dal mill machine is the better option now a days to process the pulses of different varieties. Even the mini

  1. dal mill machine is best of its kind considering the below points.
  2. Space required to setup although that isn’t major concern for villagers
  3. Better capacity for at least 10,000 to 12,000 population.
  4. Such Dal mill machines needs low electricity
  5. Low maintenance and manageable by operator itself.
  6. Dehusk and splits of almost all types of pulses
  7. Retains protein and nutrients
    Generally, this mini-dal mill machines has the capacity to make process pulses which is required for villages with a population of more than 8 thousand. Generally, this process will be done after processing 1000 to 1200 bags.


How Dal mill Machinery works ?

dal mill machinery | automatic dal mill


First clean the dust from the raw pulses, remove stones and mud.
the inclined sieve of mini dal mill vibrates and removes the waste from the different sizes of holes in sieve. The holes should match the type of dal which is being processed in the machinery.
It is usually a tiny bit that remains 10 to 12 kg tur. There is a valve at the bottom of this chassis, thereby controlling the speed of the flow roller mill.

Roller machine

Roller Mill is the main organ of Dal Mill machinery. The task of removing husk layer and clean the pulses by scratching pulses grain was in this area. This emery roller fitted in the machine gives scratches to pulses and removes turf from the pulses and from sieve this remaining particles and powders gets separated.

Ventilation fan

Removing the powder, turfs and remaining particles is the job of ventilation fan.

Sieve set

The set has two sieves, the help of these the pulses get separated

Auger conveyor

The separated pulses from the above process of dal mill further gets processed with edible oil. Oil gets applied on pulses by dripping drop by drop so it give a thinner coat on dal.


In the process of making dal from mini dal mill, after drying pulses after water process and drying afterwords we get the Grade-1 dal.

Electric motor

To operate the mini dal machine, it requires three horsepower single phase motor connected to dal mill.

Additional parts in Automatic Pulses processing machine

  1. Foundation bolts,
  2. V Belts,
  3. Magnetic Hopper


Frequently asked Questions

How can I start Dal processing plant and get successful in this industry?

Before you take the machine, knowing about how exactly this industry is, its details, its production process, and the cost of the net profit will be easier to decide which machine you want to take. Chawadi group can help you with all suggestions, recommendations, and consulting help to become successful in this industry.

How to run this business efficiently? Is there any training available?

Yes! For this, special training has been organized for 2-days by the Chawadi, for new entrepreneurs and start-up aspirants. Which will provide comprehensive guidance from the raw material, process, machinery, market, licenses, government plans, and bank loans, and will be given a visit to the ongoing Dal Mill Unit. That’s it.
Even so, hundreds of people have started this business successfully with just a handful of training, you also make the right decisions.

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March 27, 2021

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