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Company Documentary Video



Company Documentary Video

Terms and Conditions

1.If you want to make a video, it needs video, audio, product photo, logo.

  1. Your video will be given to you after 10 days from the day you send all these videos and audios on mail.
  2. If you want to correct some mistakes in the video immediately after giving it, then you must tell it, otherwise the mistakes will not be corrected the next day.
  3. If the video is in good quality, then its output is also in good quality.
  4. If there are any mistakes in the video, they will be corrected only once, then there will be separate charges for correction of the video.
  5. In this activity, we are ready to collect only and you have to pay the charge for background music, dubbing, posters and other things.
  6. After payment, customer is bound to deliver the content by mail within 45 days.


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