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Registration and Sign-in
Registration provides recognition! Registering on Chawadi is just a one-click work. We will keep you signed in and make your work easier and simpler.
1.How do I register on Chawadi ?
Registering on Chawadi is now a very simple process. It takes only 1 minute to register and post your Ads
Step 1:  
Click “Sign Up” tab in the top corner of the website
Step 2:  
Please select your Register option

  • a – You can directly login using your Facebook credentials as it is a secure, fast and convenient way of authentication.
  • b – You can enter your details correctly

User Name
Email Address
Please enter your correct email address to get all your account and ad related updates in your inbox. Also to get replies and special offers from Chawadi.
Remember if you get stuck, you could view the Help tips that will automatically appear at every stage during the registration process.
Once registerd you can now use your credentials to login to your Chawadi Account.
2.Do I need to register to post Ads?
Yes , you need to be a registered user to Post Ad on the site.
3.What are the benefits of registering on Chawadi?
Registration allows to you to

  • Post up to 2 Ads
  • Get your own User Id
  • Edit, delete, repost and check replies to your Ads
  • Helps you participate in the community discussions

4.How should I Login on Chawadi?
Sign in allows you to access your account and Ads posted on the site.
Step 1:  
Click “Login” tab end of side toolbar of the website “ MY Account Tab”
Step 2:  
If you have a Chawadi account, enter your registered email address and password to login into your account.
5.How do I create password for the first time?
You can enter numeric or alphabetical character. To ensure the security of your password, password should be in length of 6-16 characters. Please don’t use your birthday or simple numbers like 123456 or abcdef as password. Please change your password after a certain period. You can change your password in My Account > Change My Password.
6.I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?
You can reclaim your password if you have forgotten it. Registered user’s who haven’t signed in for 90 days should reclaim their passwords and reset their new password in My Chawadi.
Step 1:  
Click “Forgot your password?” link on the Login panel and it will display a page to “Create a new Password”.
Step 2:  
Fill in your registration email address to get the password, and click the “Send email” button.
Step 3:  
It will display a successful message: “Your password has been changed. An email has been sent as confirmation.”
Step 4:  
In the email you receive, click on the “Change Password” link to set your new password. After which, you can sign in and change your password in “My Account”.
Posting Ads
1.How do I Post an Ad?
Posting an ad on Chawadi is very easy and takes not more than 30 seconds. Simply follow the steps below to understand the Post Ad flow better.
Step 1:  
Click on the Post Free Ad button on the header of all Chawadi pages.
Step 2:  
Select Category & Sub Category
Choose the right category and sub-category as given below to match the product or service you wish to sell or promote. For eg. If you are selling a Agro based machine, then you should post your Ad in the category Agricultural and Sub category Machinery. 
Step 3:  
Basic Details Section

  • You have an option to choose another category if you wish.
  • Make sure you fill in all the mandatory fields through the form.

The Title should preferably include specifics about your Product. For example, if you’re trying to sell a machinery, you need to mention the Brand, Model, Year, capacity, Type, Locality, etc. This helps your Ad become more noticeable.
Step 4:  
Upload Pictures of the product
You have the option of uploading up to 2 pictures of your Product to make the Ad more attractive.
Also you upload the featured image as a cover photo wherever the Ad appears across the site. Ads with pictures attract 50% more responses.
Step 5:  
Product Details
Give enough information of your item or service to help a potential buyer know more about your item and help your chances of getting quality responses.
Step 6:  
Seller Information
Enter valid Email Address to:

  • Get Id & Password in mailbox
  • Post Ads
  • Get replies to Ads
  • Get buyer alerts and special offers

Adding your Mobile Number is not mandatory. If you choose not to, potential buyers can only contact you via Chawadi NXT, our chat facility. Once you feel the need and can trust them enough, you can give your phone number yourself using Chawadi NXT.
Step 7:  
Featured  Ads
To help your Ad gain more visibility you can always convert it to a Featured Ad by paying a small amount.
Step 8:  
Click the Post button. Remember, your Ad will be posted only in the city chosen by you while posting that Ad.
2.What do I need to do if my location is not in the list?
If your location is not present on Chawadi, you may enter the location closest to you in the list. Mentioning your correct location will help people who see your Ad know where you, your product or service is located.
3.Is it mandatory to enter the mobile number while posting an Ad?
No, mentioning your mobile number is not mandatory. However by entering a valid mobile number you are eligible to receive calls for your Ad replies. These help you respond faster to potential buyers.
4.How much does it cost to post an Ad on Chawadi?
Chawadi is a free service and does not charge you any fees to post Ads. Go ahead and enjoy it. All Ads are subject to meeting the Terms of Use and Prohibited Items Policy.
5.How can I post a Good Ad on Chawadi and get better responses?
To increase the chance of getting a good response, follow these simple tips.
Title – A good title will attract more visitors to your Ad. Mention important keywords in title.
Description – To get people interested, follow these simple tips

  • Make the description as detailed as possible
  • Make it easy for buyers to pick up the item by mentioning the location of the item and when you would be available
  • Add contact information

Upload Images – Include upto 2 pictures to enhance your Ad.
Use these tips and other innovative ideas to make your Ad more attractive and increase your chances of getting replies. In addition you can also subscribe to Chawadi Featured Ad.
6.How long do Ads stay after being posted on Chawadi?
Ads stay live on the site for 30 days after which they expire automatically and are not displayed as a part of the live ads on site. You will get Ad Expiry reminders before 5 days and before 24 hours of the Ad expiry date. You can extend your Ad duration by reposting your ads after its expiry, from My Account. You can even delete your Ad by logging in.
7.How do I repost, reactivate or extend my Ads on Chawadi?
All Ads are live for 30 days on the Chawadi site, post which you will get a reminder expiry mail to repost the Ad. The user can repost his expired Ad from either the repost link in the mail or from Expired Ads Management link under the Manage My Ads tab in My Account.
8.Is there any limit on posting Ads?
You can post up to 2 different Ads. Any duplicate ads or the same ad posted more than once will be deleted.
9.Why am I unable to post Ads on the site?
User’s, who violate Chawadi’s Terms of Use and Listing Polices, will not be able to post Ads. However, in case you are unable to post an ad for any other reason, please contact us. at  and we will get back to you at the earliest.
10.How do I know if someone is interested or has replied to my Ad?
Those interested in your Ad select the Reply button on the View Ad page; fill in the required details like email, name, and message with their contact details and you would receive an email. After you receive the email message, you can choose to respond and give additional information like phone number.
Users also have the option to contact you on phone. You can give your contact details only if you wish to do so in the ad description area of the post ad page. If you put your phone number, the interested parties can directly contact you.
11.How do I participate on the Chawadi Discussion Forums?
Discussion Forums on Chawadi are meant to be a public platform for the local community to share their experiences, give their opinion and help people on a range of topics that are relevant and helpful to the local community of the city. It’s free.
To participate in the Chawadi Discussion Forum:

  • You need to register on Chawadi
  • Select the forum you wish to participate in
  • Post your comments
  • Please do not use the Discussion Forum to Post Ads or promote anything.

Search and Browse
1.How do I find an Ad for a specific item or service on Chawadi?
Step 1:  
Keyword Search
To find an Ad for a specific item or service on Chawadi, you need to enter relevant or exact keywords in the search bar shown below. It will display results matching the same.
In case you want to search an Ad posted by you on the site, enter the Ad ID in the search bar. You can get the Ad ID by finding your Ad in the My Dashboard section.
Step 2:  
Choose Category
You can also, choose a category from those mentioned on the home page.
Step 3:  
Search not Case-Sensitive
If you type “nike” or “NIKE”, the search result would be the same. Our Search bar is not case-sensitive.
Step 4:  
Make use of Space
If you have more than one keyword, there is no need to include “and” between keywords, just use space.
2.How do I reply to an Ad on Chawadi?
You can contact buyers or sellers by clicking on the Reply button besides their listing. Fill in details like your email id, name, and message with your contact details (only if you want them to contact you) and click on the Submit button.
Your reply will be sent by email to the person who posted the ad
My Account
1.What is “My Account”?
My Account is your personal user account where you can

  • View and manage your Ads
  • Modify / edit / delete your Ads
  • Check replies to your Ads
  • Repost your Ads after they expire
  • Update your Chawadi profile

2.How can I Login to “My Account” ?
Login allows you to access your account and Ads posted on the site.
Step 1:  
Click on Login / Register on the top right corner of the home page.
Step 2:  
If you have a Chawadi account, enter your registered email address and password to login to your
Step 3:  
If you don’t have a Chawadi account, you can create an account by clicking Sign Up and get registered using your e-mail address or face book.
Step 4:  
After signing in, you will be redirected to My Account page, where you can view, edit, delete and check replies to your Ad.
3.How do I edit, update or delete Ads that I have posted?
Select Manage My Ad >> Active Ads Management on My Account page and click on the respective button in actions for edit, update or delete Ad.
4.How do I upgrade My Ad to Featured Ad?
Select Manage My Ad >> Active Ads Management on My Account page and Click on the Convert to Featured Ad link.
5.How do I repost an expired Ad ?
Select Manage My Ad >> Ads Management on My Account Page. On Expired Ads Management page, Click Repost link
6.What does “Deleted Ad Management” mean?
Deleted Ads Management section contains Ads that are deleted. There are two sub-division.

  • User Deleted Ads– Ads deleted by the user itself
  • Admin Deleted Ads – Ads that have violated the Chawadi listing polices

You will be informed by email when your Ad is deleted by the Admin. If you require any clarification about the deletion of your Ad, don’t hesitate to contact the Admin.
Select Manage My Ad >> Deleted Ads Management in My Account Page.
7.How do I edit / update / delete Featured  Ads that I have posted?
Select Manage Paid Ads >> Featured Ads Management. On Featured Ads Management page, Click Edit or Delete link for respective actions
8.How do I check my Payment details?
Select Manage Paid Ads >> My Payment Details on My Account page
9.How do I update My Account Profile?
As a registered user, you can edit your profile in your My Account through the Update My Profile section. Please click the Update button after making the changes to store your new details.
10.How do I change my password?
To change your password, please follow the steps below:
Sign in with your username and password and click on My Account.
Click on Manage My Account >> Update My Profile and reset your password.
1.How do I suggest a new feature?
We’re constantly adding new features based upon the feedback provided by community members. Please write in your suggestions to us at
2.Why isn’t there a Chawadi for the city I live in?
If you think there should be a Chawadi site for the city you live in, then please send your name, suggestion and comments to. In the mean time we encourage you to use Chawadi in the city nearest to you.

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