Wooden Churner Oil Training Programme

Wooden Churner Oil Training Programme we provide, Edible oil is one of the essential commodities being used daily for cooking purposes. The oil is being extracted from oil seeds like groundnut, sesamum, mustard, rape seed, sun flower and kardi etc. For the extraction of the oil, oil ghanies or expellers are being used. For higher production in the modern days expellers are being used widely. Traditionally oil ghanies are run by bullocks but in the modern days they are rub by power(electricity) Power ghanies can be found in rural and urban areas. Sunflower oil and groundnut oil are most frequently used for cooking purpose. The major difference between sunflower oil and the groundnut oil is just as their name suggests, sunflower oil is extracted from sunflower seeds and peanut oil or groundnut oil is extracted from groundnuts. But in actuality both sunflower and groundnut oil the are best effective and essential cooking oil , most of the time interchangeably fulfills the needs of the households and these oils are mostly preferred by chefs, since both sunflower oil and groundnut oil are rich in taste as well as adds desired and fabulous flavor to the cooked food.

Ghani oil is having good demand in the market. It retains the original flavour of the oil seed and possess good qualities when compared with the expeller extracted edible oil. People like to use ghani oil exclusively for its special qualities in manufacture of pickles and in other items. In rural areas there is good market for ghani oil. Ghani oil units can be setup under PMRY scheme as these units involve less capital investment.

Who Should Attend

Progressive farmers,  Small marginal farmers, Wooden Churner Oil buyers, Sales  all those who wish to know about Wooden Churner Oil Processing &  its opportunities

Learning Outcomes

  • Detail understanding about Wooden Churner Oil Processing and solve ur all questions
  • Understanding how to earn from this Business
  • Industrial Visit For Practical Knowledge
  • Direct interaction with industry experts/Successful entrepreneurs


Course Curriculum

Availability Of Raw Material
Processing Of Products
Packaging & Labelling
Labour Requirement
Electricity Consumption
Cost Implementation
Government Schemes
Banking & Finance

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