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The principal feed resources for animal consumption in the country are crop residues like straws of wheat, rice, and other cereals and stovers, which are very poor in feed value. Even these are in short supply. These are supplemented to some extent by relatively better quality fodders like cultivated leguminous and non-leguminous fodder grasses and concentrates. Infeed mill, the later are formulated largely from agro-industrial by-product and forest wastes and small quantities of low-grade cereals with the present stock of feed and fodder resources available in the country, it is impossible to meet the nutrient requirements of even the present-day low-producing cattle and buffaloes. Such a situation is bound to aggravate difficulties in the feeding of better-producing livestock such as crossbred lows in exploiting their full genetic potentiality for early growth, better reproduction and higher milk production. The government has kept import of pulses open for only dal millers, who are the actual users of unprocessed pulses. Foods are the basic need of everyone, similarly feed for cattle is also very important and necessary as well. Without this, no one can live as well as a good nutritive meal increase productivity as well as the growth of an animal. Thus, in Feed Mill Course the requirement of good cattle feed always exists and it will further increase with the increase in the population of cattle. There are also questions like feed mill machine, feed mill project proposal, feed mill industry, feed mill machine price and all these questions can be solved during the program therefore, it is a good project for entrepreneurs to invest. Few Indian Major Players are as under

Who Should Attend

Progressive farmers, Small marginal farmers, Animal Feed buyers, Sales all those who wish to know about Cattle Feed Mill Manufacturing & its opportunities

Learning Outcomes

  • Detail understanding about Cattle Feed Mill Manufacturing and solve ur all questions
  • Understanding how to earn from this Business
  • Industrial Vist For Practical Knowledge
  • Direct interaction with industry experts/Successful entrepreneurs

Course Curriculum

Availability Of Raw Material
Processing Of Products
Packaging & Labelling
Labour Requirement
Electricity Consumption
Cost Implementation
Government Schemes
Banking & Finance

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