Cashew Nut Processing

Cashew Nut Processing is one of the most sought after nuts among dry fruits obtained from an exotic tree species. The commercial cultivation of cashew is taken up mainly in eight states in India namely Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka, Orissa, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. The current production in India accounts for 19.46 per cent of global production. Cashew nut is formed outside the fleshy fruit known as cashew apple. At the time of maturity, the cashew apple along with seed falls down on the ground. These are collected and processed to get cashew nut. The cashew apple being fleshy and sweet in taste is used to prepare a fermented fruit drink known as Feni. Kerala is the leading state in processing of cashew. More than two third of cashew processing units are in Kerala, whereas remaining are scattered in the other states. These units together have processing capacity of more than 8 lakh tons per annum. The seeds are separated from cashew apple and dried in the sun for 4-5 days. The dried raw cashew seeds are processed to cashew nut for marketing. In India, processing of cashew is manual and highly labour intensive process. The cashew nut processing industry is highly unorganized and scattered. Women constitute almost 90 per cent of labor force in cashew industry. Mechanization in cashew processing is picking up slowly. This model is prepared to provide guidance to start a new small scale cashew processing unit. The processing of cashew nut is a four stage process, each designed to produce quality edible cashew kernel. The outer shell of the raw cashew nuts has to be removed to produce the edible cashew kernel. The outer shell of the cashew is very hard and it contains a corrosive oil which is harmful for human consumption.

Who Should Attend

Progressive farmers,  Small marginal farmers, Cashew Nut buyers, Sales  all those who wish to know about Cashew Nut Processing &  its opportunities

Learning Outcomes

  • Detail understanding about Cashew Nut Processing and solve ur all questions
  • Understanding how to earn from this Business
  • Direct interaction with industry experts/Successful entrepreneurs

Course Curriculum

Availability Of Raw Material
Processing Of Product
Packaging & Labelling
Labour Requirement
Electricity Consumption
Cost Implementation
Government Schemes
Banking & Finance
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