Pay Per Lead

If you are struggling with below questions then
Chawadi is For You.
How are your competitors building their social engagement?
How many lead prospects can you have in your target market?
Which interest groups can you target and how many people will you reach?
How is your target market reacting to the content of your segment?
How to analyze all social media mentions with a single interface?
Pay Only For Results  
You only pay when u you get prospect inquiry.
Today businesses are paying several for lead generation for different type of advertisements to generate the business like paper ads, social media, sms etc.
Even after paying, results are not guaranteed; it’s like throwing a coin on wall hoping that some of it will hang on.
How do we generate leads?
Our lead generation policy is very straight forward.
We generate our leads by pay per click program through our affiliates spread across India.
Through a huge network of Social media like Facebook  ( more than 1 lakh followers ), Whats app ( more than 10 thousand groups means eg : 100 member in each near about 10 lakhs people and Google SEO management Give number of leads Easily.
Through a innovative project “Info on call” give Miss call for fulfill clients needs. . We get filtered enquirer hence we convert in to leads for you.
Our website is number of daily visitors getting a converted filter leads.
Our CBN network is help to reach GRASSROOTS level to more connect with each and everyone.
This method is works both for B2B and B2C types of advertising. Since 2015 we are in the pay per click method we can make our experience work for you. this is win win scenario.
Chose Buy leads package as per budget. Prepaid plans


( In Rs)

Price per Lead1009080706050
Period1 month1 month3 month1 yrs1 yrs1 yrs

Postpaid Plans :
150 rs Per Inquiry. payment on every Week.
key features :
Get leads instantly on mobile to connect with your buyer’s .and also on mail with details.
Direct connect on whatsapp is too easy share your quotation and products pic to clients instantly.

For further assistance feel free to call : 7272971971

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